“Birth and Beauty”

“Confronted with the beauty that perishes, security could be found in that interior beauty which does not perish.”                                                                                                    Umberto Eco

Renewal of life, love, the responsibility of love, the weight of parenthood and the unknown darkness below the bed, are among the subjects I am working with in my painting. With the arrival of my first-born son, my perspective on life changed dramatically.  The challenge of capturing Sebastien’s overwhelming and inspiring growth on canvas has proven to be all consuming. How can the composition of my painting best capture the constant pressure a newborn places on its parents? How can light be painted so that the warmth of feeling between parent and child is conveyed? Where should the gazes of my wife and son be directed, and how can I depict intuition and his early experiences of touch? I believe that the universal themes of birth, growth, and love translate well into painting, as I am a painter who reveres content and is positively influenced by traditional approaches to this medium.

"'Birth and Beauty' during various stages of the paintings progression."